Toronto Consumers Carpet carries

Toronto Consumers Carpet carries a wide variety of Engineered Hardwood from click systems to tongue & groove systems all precision Engineered using diamond-tip tooling.

Board width is crucial in how a Hardwood Flooring will look in your home. Hardwood Flooring provides warmth and charm, nothing surpasses the beauty of Hardwood Floors. Toronto Consumers Carpet provides the highest grades of Hardwood Flooring at the lowest clearance price in the GTA.

Toronto Consumers Carpet also offers a large variety of Exotic Hardwood Flooring in Toronto like Jatoba, Brazilian Cherry, Cumaru, Sucupira, Garapa, Gaboty, Massaranduba, Tigerwood and Strand Woven Bamboo. Toronto Consumers Carpet has one of the widest varieties of Hardwood Flooring in Toronto and GTA. However, despite the high upfront costs, hardwood floors have an excellent ROI and can help add value to your home, so if you can fit it into your budget they're definitely a smart investment.

But for most people, engineered hardwood flooring is expensive — it can be more expensive than hardwood. That's why you never wet mop engineered hardwood floors — or any hardwood floor for that matter. Bottom line, if enough water gets into the boards you will run into the same issues you have with solid hardwood.

It can also be sanded and refinished — not as much as hardwood, but a few times over a couple decades is fine, depending on the quality. Finishes are used to protect the stain and face of the wood. Excessive water causes wood to expand, possibly damaging the flooring.

Never wet mop the hardwood floor when cleaning; avoid walking on the floor with wet feet or foot wear. The Castlewood collection has an abundance of the natural charm that makes wood floors so desirable. The progressives is a stunning new collection of all wood engineered floors with a full 3/4" profile - the heft and height of a solid wood floor with the strength and stability of an engineered platform.